How to Be an Aflac Agent

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Aflac Insurance offers supplemental insurance to individuals and businesses. Supplemental insurance is an insurance policy that covers excess expenses in addition to the primary insurance policy. Aflac agents must undergo on-site training at various Aflac office locations in addition to preparing for exams to become a licensed insurance agent. Most of the training for potential Aflac agents is provided by the specific offices as well as regional training for a wide range of agents in certain geographical locations.

Obtain experience in the sales industry before you apply to become an Aflac agent. Because Aflac agents work as independent contractors rather than employees, aspiring Aflac agents will benefit from experience in the sales industry. Also, Aflac agents earn their income from commission from each business or individual that they enroll into an insurance policy. Therefore, the agents’ income is based upon their skills as an independent sales agent.

Apply to become an Aflac Agent. Some opportunities to become sales agents for Aflac are advertised in local newspapers and various job boards. However, the Aflac website, provides an option for aspiring agents to submit their name, address and telephone number. If you choose to submit your contact information via the Aflac website, an Aflac recruiter in your area will contact you. Most recruiters require a telephone interview to ascertain your skills, experience and goals. If the recruiter offers you an opportunity to train as an agent, you will be invited to an informational session. At the informational session, you will be provided with information about the company and details on how to become an Aflac agent. Your recruiter and other sales managers will provide you additional assistance and training opportunities. This training generally includes marketing techniques and information about selling Aflac insurance.

Take the statewide examination, which covers insurance basics and insurance laws. Many Aflac managers provide potential sales agents resources to help them study for the exam. Also, you may have an opportunity to watch an Aflac agent solicit appointments; at the appointments, the agent offers a presentation to individuals and businesses about the benefits of enrolling in an Aflac insurance plan. After you pass this test and complete the required Aflac training, you will become a licensed insurance agent for Aflac. At this point, you will be able to market to others, provide Aflac presentations to potential clients and enroll new Aflac customers.


Some Aflac agents spend a considerable amount of time marketing and soliciting new customers before they are successful. However, they generally obtain a reasonable commission amount after they enroll a customer.