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How Does Indeed Work For Employers?

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Whether you’re looking for a single employee to bring that special something to your clients or trying to staff up from scratch, Indeed provides phenomenal potential for you to build your workforce. The job search site boasts more than 200 million users and consistently ranks among the best places to find employment or employees. Employers use the site to post jobs, sift through resumes and find employees. If you’re looking for employees, check with Indeed.

Find Resumes

Before you post a single job listing, it’s a good idea to find out what kinds of candidates might fit the job you want to fill. It’s free and super easy. Go to Indeed Resumes and search resumes by job title, skills or company. If, for example, you need an administrative assistant and your office is in the Los Angeles area, you just type in the position, and limit the search to the city. Or you may want to input a company name. Maybe your best employees have all come from one of your competitors. Look it up, and find out who among their ranks might be looking to jump ship.

Post Your Position for Free

You can also post job listings on the site at no charge. Create an employer account; go to the “post a job” section, and fill out the required information about your company and the position. You’ll have the opportunity to include a detailed description of the job and information such as salary range, and whether it’s a part-time or full-time position. Attach an email address, and wait for applicants to pop up in your inbox. At the end of the posting, you’ll be given the opportunity to “sponsor” the posting. It’s definitely an option, just not a free one.

Sponsor Your Job on Indeed

Remember those 200 million users? While it’s great to have volume, it also means you’ll have competition. Lots of competition. If you want your job to be found by the best candidates, you may want to consider boosting its likelihood of showing up on a search by putting some advertising dollars behind it. Sponsored jobs appear at the top of the Indeed search results. The good news is that you only pay per ad-click, which means you only pay for people who are actually interested in the job. But make sure you use keywords that fit the position. For example, let potential candidates know that the administrative assistant position in L.A. is to work at a law firm and what you really want is someone with paralegal skills. No sense in paying for lots of clicks that lead nowhere.

Post Jobs on Your Website

In addition to being a great jobs platform, Indeed is one of the top search engines on the net. That means if your site and the positions you house there are optimized, Indeed will find them. Confirm that your site is search engine optimized, and use the keywords that job seekers are most likely to search. Give each job its own page, with a custom URL, because Indeed will not link to pages with more than one job posting per page.


Linda Emma is a writer and private marketing coach and consultant. She also works at a small New England college as a tutor, assisting students with course-specific materials and preparation for internship and employment.

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