Patrick Moore

How Does a Senior Make Money?

Growth Trends for Related Jobs


If you're looking to make additional monies beyond your retirement funds, labor jobs might be unrealistic, but you may still be able to do jobs that require less physical tasks. There are secretarial positions or jobs at libraries that require sitting at a desk, answering phones and filling out paperwork. You can also make money as customer service representatives. Customer service representatives answer phones and direct customers to fill out paperwork to return unwanted merchandise. You may even be able to work for your current boss in a new position that is less physically demanding.


Money saved can earn a good amount of interest if invested in the right blend of investments. You can set up an investment so that you receive the interest monthly and never touch the principal, providing another source of monthly income. Some investments are a bit riskier, but can help seniors earn a lot of money. Hire a financial account adviser to help with finding the right investments for your particular situation..


If you can see well enough to type then you can make money online. There are plenty of sites that hire individuals to write articles for website content or other reasons. You can find a writing job by visiting the blog below and applying to the companies. There are also plenty of online businesses that can be run strictly at home from a computer. This is perfect for many seniors because there is no physical labor involved and the work can be done around your own schedule.

Selling Online

You can also make money selling used items on eBay or other specialized sites. If you go to yard sales on the weekend and search out some items that are popular on eBay or other auction site, you can then list them on Monday and collect the profits at the end of the week.


You can sign up to become substitute teachers at a high school or an adjunct professor at a college if they have the necessary training. 60 college credits are all that are needed to teach at any elementary or high school. This is a great way to work part time and gives you a chance to work your mind without having to do any physical labor.