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How to Answer the Behavioral Interview Questions for a Supervisor Position

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Preparing for a job interview requires time and focus. Interviewing for a supervisory position involves more extensive preparation. Expect to be asked about how you will resolve conflict between employees, customers and suppliers. Be prepared to answer behavioral questions about your ability to control your own emotions and handle difficult personalities.

Describe how you will handle your emotions at work. If you have supervised previously, include examples of times employees became emotional or engaged in conflict and how you resolved it without losing control of your own emotions.

Explain how you will delegate work to staff or between managers with different personalities. If you have not supervised before, use an example of a time you worked with another staff member to complete a project and encountered a personality conflict.

Describe your techniques for motivating staff to do their best work in times of low morale and limited resources.

End the interview with a strong statement of your supervisory style and how it fits the job description you are pursuing.


Allow at least a month to prepare for a supervisory interview.

Make good eye contact and maintain a calm demeanor during the interview.