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Sanitation Supervisor Job Description

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A sanitation supervisor is a professional found within the food manufacturing industry. This professional oversees all initiatives related to food safety and hygiene. Coordinating all cleaning and vermin control procedures, a sanitation supervisor ensures that the facility is in compliance with all company local, state and federal food sanitation standards.

Job Responsibilities

A sanitation supervisor enforces the policies and procedures surrounding the food safety and hygiene. He examines all manufacturing equipment to ensure that it works properly and meets all governmental standards. In instances of violations, he develops a plan to correct the situation. Possessing a keen understanding of industry laws, he consults with management to address compliance issues and make recommendations to improve processes. Managing vendor relationships, this professional procures and engages that services of vermin control companies. Developing training programs related to sanitation law and company best practices, this individual also delivers these initiatives to employees in one-on-one and group settings. A sanitation supervisor keeps detail records of all sanitation related activities and issues, such as inspections and violations, also notating how and when each situation was resolved.

Work Environment

Sanitation supervisors are found within manufacturing environments. This may include factories, warehouses, farms, ranches and other places from where food products originates. While many of these locations operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, a sanitation supervisor typically works a standard eight hour daytime schedule. Overtime and non-traditional hours may be required, however, under special circumstances. For instance, if a plant is preparing for a government inspection, this professional may directly supervise employees during each shift to ensure that all policies are being followed.

Educational Requirements

Though not all employers require a formal college education, applicants who possess a four year degree within food science or a related field will stand head and shoulders above those that do not. As this is a management role, candidates must also have prior professional experience within the industry, preferably managing others or specific projects.

Qualities of a Successful Sanitation Supervisor

Sanitation supervisors are essentially project managers. As such, it is imperative that candidates be organized and able to juggle multiple responsibilities at once in order to successfully perform the duties required. A strong knowledge of food safety regulations is also important. Communication skills are also important. As a manager, this individual must effectively deliver expectations to directly reporting employees.

Industry Outlook and Average Annual Income

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The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates little or no change in the employment of those in the food manufacturing industry. In 2009, reported that a sanitation worker employed in the United States of America earns an average annual income of $22,000.


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