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How to Sell Pools

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Every effective salesperson displays a number of strengths that separate him from ineffective sellers. If you work for a company that sells pools, you can succeed by not only being deeply familiar with your products, but also by exhibiting several, key, character traits.

Become extremely familiar with every pool in the product line you sell. Any salesperson should be familiar with all the products his company sells and being a pool salesperson is no exception. Even if you want to make the biggest, most expensive sale of an elaborate, in-ground pool, it's still important that you can explain the benefits of a smaller, above-ground pool.

Understand factors related to the cost, financing and installation of each pool in your product line. Customers will have an assortment of questions once they choose to purchase one of your pools. They'll wonder about the price, asking if financing is available or if you offer any upcoming sales. They'll also query about the installation process, asking about such factors as how long the process will take and how disruptive it will be to their yard.

Carry as many promotional materials as possible, especially if you visit potential clients in their homes or at trade shows. In your store, you may have images and diagrams of every pool to help inform customers. But if you're making a house call, perhaps to see a client's yard and help her choose the right pool for her space, it's important that you can always give her images to show her exactly what you're trying to sell.

Avoid being persuasive and pushing a certain product because it gives you a higher commission. A pool is a significant investment for any homeowner, both because of the cost of purchase and the investment of time once the pool is installed. Don't tell the customer what pool is best for him. Instead, respond to his questions and provide potential solutions in a supportive manner.

Exhibit the traits that make a salesperson in any industry successful, such as honesty, knowledge, patience and punctuality. Many consumers are wary of overly friendly salespeople, as they believe it's just a sales tactic. Don't be over the top; be friendly but professional.


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