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How to List Awards on a Resume

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According to the University of Delaware's Career Services Center, "Honors and Awards" can be included on a resume as an optional category, listed in addition to the necessary information necessary such as your name, contact information, career objectives, education, experience, activities and skills.

Create a category labeled "Honors and Awards" using a heading style consistent with the rest of your resume. List the category either prior to your work experience or directly after. The placement should be determined by how relevant the awards are to the position you are seeking. For example: If the award is for salesperson of the year, and you are applying for a sales position, place it prior to the experience. If the position is not for a sales position, place it after the experience section.

Define the awards accurately. List the award grantor, and the proper full name of the award, rather than its shortened name. Include the year and the purpose of the award. For example: "The Shadow Thief Award for Outstanding Participation in Social Networking, 2010."

List the honors or awards individually and prominently, allowing the category to complement your experience and education. Delete irrelevant information in the category to save room for additional resources that highlight your attributes.