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How to Get My HHA Certification

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Getting a home health aide or home health agency (HHA) certificate requires specialized training that includes both classroom-based learning and hands-on, practical training. These courses and training programs allow individuals to provide in-home care to sick and injured individuals. Certificates and permits are required by states in order to protect patients and ensure high quality in-home care.

Locate an accredited home health aide training program in the state you wish to operate in and register for a training course. New York's official state health website, for example, offers a large list of accredited HHA program providers located across the state.

Fill out and submit all necessary insurance, Medicare and Medicaid forms. These forms will vary by state, but are used to allow a home health aide to accept and treat patients receiving different types of medical and health insurance. Michigan, for example, requires a Medicare Enrollment Application and Medicare Intermediary Information form to be completed for HHA certification.

Register for and complete an Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) application. The Department of Health and Human Services requires any potential HHA certificate recipient to meet Medicare approval and submission guidelines.

Apply for jobs with home health care providers, like home health agencies, local and regional hospitals and nursing homes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 50 percent growth rate in HHA jobs between the years 2008 and 2018.



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