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How to Search for College Careers or Majors for Felons

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

A felony can make it very difficult to find a job, but having a felony doesn’t mean that you can never have a career. There are several industries that hire individuals with felonies, and there are many different educational options for those with a background.


Open the Internet browser, and go to In the “what” box, type ``sales,'' and in the “where” box, put the location that you would like to work. You can search by city, county, state, or nationwide. View the job listings that appear in the center of the page.

Read the job descriptions for the different positions to see if a background check is required. Follow the application process for all jobs that you are interested in, but keep in mind that those that run background checks may pose a problem.

Repeat this step with the following felony-friendly industries typed into the "what" box on construction, truck driving, contract work, freelance work and call center representative.


Tailor your resume to match the job description listed by the employer. Highlight the key words that the employer uses throughout the posting. This helps the employer see how you match to the job opening.

Submit your tailored resume or application to the company.

Keep a record of all of the companies you have contacted and positions that you have applied for so that you have something to reference if an employer responds to your resume.


When searching for job openings in the felony-friendly industries, take note of the jobs that interest you. Go back to school and obtain a degree or certificate for the industry that you would like to start a career. Obtaining a degree enhances your marketability.