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How to Write Accomplishment Statements for an Administrative Assistant

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Resumes that get people jobs are the ones that tell an employer exactly how a job candidate can benefit the company. Writing a resume with specific examples from your professional past will help you find a job faster than if you list your general skills only. Administrative assistants have job responsibilities in a number of areas, so it is usually simple to find accomplishments to write about for this position.

Write with action-oriented, key words that specifically describe what you did on the job to improve the company. Read the job description to identify key skills and experiences the employer wants. Begin your statement with what you can do for the employer. For example, write, “Decreased office expenditures by $50 each month for a nonprofit by reducing waste, reusing supplies and heading and coordinating an office supply donation drive.” The more action verbs you use, the easier it is for employers to see exactly how you can benefit his organization.

Use numbers wherever possible to quantify your accomplishments. If you managed a donor database for a nonprofit, for example, write, “Maintained 500-strong donor database and conducted thorough revision of the database that uncovered and corrected over 50 critical mistakes in donors’ names and addresses in a one-week period.” This is more concrete and understandable than “Updated large donor database regularly.”

Write about accomplishments from various areas of your job. If you are applying for an administrative assistant job in a particular industry, for example, and you have experience working in it, include accomplishments from your experience working with something specifically related to that industry. For example, if you were an administrative assistant in the oil and gas equipment repair industry, write, “Accurately copied multiple schematics documents for lead draftsman and packaged and sent them to customers on tight deadline.” If you learned a skill specific to the industry, include it in your resume. Continuing the previous example, for instance, write, “Learned computer-aided design software and assisted draftsman with minor revisions.”