How to Renew My Lifeguard Certification

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Lifeguard certification renewal requirements vary by state. Some states require lifeguards to renew their certifications every year while others allow lifeguards to go two or three years between certifications. Renewing your lifeguard certification requires taking and passing a lifeguard certification or re-certification class successfully. The classes must be administered by an approved agency, such as the American Red Cross. Certified lifeguards are also required to have current first aid and CPR certifications.

Determine the local laws regarding renewing your lifeguard certification in your area or state. Different states and counties have different laws and some of them may require you to renew your certification even though it has not yet expired with the agency that issued it.

Sign up for the certification renewal classes that you are required to take. Contact your local police department, community college, American Red Cross or YMCA to find out information about when lifeguard certification, first aid and CPR classes will be held in your area. If you are employed with a specific business or agency, check with your employer about renewing your certification as some private employers may opt to schedule a day or week for all employees to update their certifications.

Pay for, take and pass all required certification classes. The classes will review information you have already covered when you were originally certified, including CPR basics, first aid and basic lifeguard procedures. Classes will also cover information that has been changed or updated since your last certification. If you do not pass the class/classes, you will not be able to renew your certification and it will expire.


Exact class requirements will vary by state and certification agency.