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How to Get a Job Holding Signs

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In this economy, every extra dollar counts. Businesses are also trying to find more ways to attract customers to their stores. Sign holding can be a mutually beneficial position to both parties as it is an easy job that requires no education or experience and is sure to attract people passing by. These positions are normally part time and require a lot of energy as you will be standing for several hours.

Look for job openings in local or online classifieds. This may include your local newspaper's website. Search for sign-holding jobs on Be sure that whenever you meet anyone for an initial interview, it is in a public place. Always be sure to research the company you will be working for.

Drive around your area and look for actual job postings in the area. The most popular places to look are restaurants like pizza places and car washes or other small businesses. Apartment communities and home builders often hire sign holders seasonally as well.

Go to, which specializes in outdoor sign holding and has positions open nationwide. There may be other marketing companies in your area that hire for these positions, so be sure to look for them in your job hunt.

Apply to the jobs in person if possible. If not, send an application or resume online. It helps to note the reason you are hoping to get the job. For example, if you are a college student, let the potential employer know that.


In your job search beware of potential scammers. Be sure to read the disclosure provided by on their job search page.