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How to Train As a Barber

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There are plenty of reasons why one would want to become a barber. In an economy in which jobs that cannot be sent overseas are in demand, the occupation of barber is certainly in play. Additionally, few professions have a history as rich as the one enjoyed by barbers who, centuries ago, even performed some surgeries. From the iconic barber pole, to the local social hub that many barber shops become, being a barber is being part of a community.

Take the time to thoroughly examine what being a barber means to you. Make sure it is the right path for your future and that it is a career you are comfortable pursuing. Many barbers work on Saturdays while taking a different day off during the week. For individuals who like to travel or to just sleep in on the weekends, being a barber will make that difficult.

Finish your high school education. Although it is not usually required to hold a high school diploma to enter a barber training school, it certainly improves the look of your resume. Social skills learned in high school, along with classes in chemistry and math will be helpful in your further education to become a barber.

Research barber training schools or schools of cosmetology in your area. Take tours of the schools that interest you to get a feel for them and to see how comfortable you would be at one of them. Keep in mind the distance of the school from where you live, as well as the hours of the school and graduation requirements.

Complete the study requirements and hours of training needed to graduate. Training to become a barber will require both extensive bookwork as well as actual barber work on fellow classmates and the public, under supervision.

Take your state board test. This test will go over the procedures and techniques you learned in college or training school. Each state requires a passing grade in the state board test to allow you to receive a license to practice cosmetology and to perform the duties of a barber.


Many practicing barbers will allow a student to shadow them or will allow them an opportunity to be an apprentice to gain working experience as a barber. Contact local barbers in your area for these opportunities.

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