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How to Get a Barber License in Louisiana

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In Louisiana, you must go through formal training and licensing in order to become a barber. You can receive training by taking barber courses at a cosmetology school, technical school or a community college. When you finish your training program, you are eligible to take the Louisiana state licensing exam for barbers which includes written and oral tests, as well as a hands-on demonstration of your barbering skills.

Complete a barber's training program at a school like Louisiana Technical College in Baton Rouge or the Louisiana Barber Apprenticeship Program. Receive classroom instruction and practical experience during the program. Learn about barbering skills such as sanitation, basic haircutting and hair coloring. Complete 1,500 hours of training in order to apply for the state board exam.

Apply for the Louisiana State Board Examination. Fill out the application forms provided by the Board of Barber examiners. Attach two three-by-five photographs of yourself. You should also sign the back of the photographs. Include the $32 exam fee with your application.

Provide the board with a certificate from the barber's training program you completed. The certificate must be signed by the instructor of your program. Also indicate the total number of hours of instruction you received.

Receive notification by mail that you've been accepted to take the exam. The exam is given every three months. Note the time and place of the exam you will take.

Prepare to bring your own models to the exam, as required. Ask a few friends to be available on the day of the exam and to let you demonstrate your barbering skills on their hair. Buy and prepare your own tools, supplies and any materials you need to complete the practical demonstration of your skills. You will have to bring your own supplies to the exam so make sure you have everything you need.

Take the Louisiana state board exam. Complete the written and oral tests within the one-hour time limit. Then perform a practical demonstration of your barbering skills within the three-hour time limit.

Earn an average score of at least 70 percent and score at least 60 percent on each section of the exam.

Apply for a barber license. Complete the application and send it in to the Board of Barber Examiners in Baton Rouge. Include the $100 exam fee with your application. Your barber license will then be sent to your through mail.


Practice as much as you can before your practical barbering exam.

  • Practice as much as you can before your practical barbering exam.

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