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How to Obtain a Barber License in Illinois

In order to be a barber in the state of Illinois you have to have a valid license. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways that you can obtain your barber license in Illinois including taking an examination, qualifying based on professional experience and by being grandfathered in. However, no matter what method you used to qualify for a license, you will need to start the application process by downloading and completing the appropriate paperwork.

Download the study guide for the National Barber Written Examination. It can be found on the “Division of Professional Regulation” website. This study guide will provide you with information about the exam, how to register, how much it costs and what will be on the exam. This study guide also tells you where to find study materials. Finally this packet contains a sample test that you can use to practice for the real thing.

Complete your application form. The application packet for the Illinois Barber License can also be found on the “Division of Professional Regulation” website. This packet will ask for your contact information and licensing method. You will need to take the examination if you haven’t taken it before and are a new barber, you can select the endorsement of license if you have a barber’s license in another state, you can select acceptance of exam if you have already sat for the NBWE or you can select waiver or non-exam if you qualify under special state statutes.

Gather together the supporting documentation for your Illinois barber license application. The materials you will need will vary depending on which licensure method you select, however, you may need a VE-COB form, which is an employment verification form, a Certificate of Licensure, which is required if you have ever been licensed as a barber before and the official transcripts from your barber or beauty school, which must have the school’s seal affixed.

Make out your check or credit card payment for your license application fee. The fee will depend on the method you selected for licensure and the exact amount can be found on a table that comes with your application packet.

Mail in your application form, supporting materials and application fees. The address can be found on your barber's license application form.

Schedule your exam. Illinois’ barber license exams are given six times a year, three times in Chicago and three times in Springfield. Dates and locations for the exams can be found in your application package, as well as online.