How to Study For The National Board Exam of Embalmers and Funeral Directors


This article is about how to prepare for your National Board Exam for Embalmers and Funeral Directors. The National Board Exam is the defining factor in many states for licensure of Funeral Directors and Embalmers.

How To Study For The National Board Exam Of Embalmers And Funeral Directors

To begin, if you have not already, please order a National Board Exam Practice Exam. This will give you a chance to experience what the actual exam will be like to take. Considering that most Funeral Service colleges require Comprehensive testing prior to graduation, you should be fairly prepared for the National Board Exam.

Do not study for the Practice exam, as this is to let you know where you may need to study. Briefly review what you missed on the Practice Exam so you may be more informed as to what you need to study for the actual Board.

Please study the Compend book referenced earlier. Take time each day to do at least 200 questions in two areas of the book. When you registered to take your test, you were given a time and date at which you would be tested. So make sure you give yourself plenty of time to study for this beforehand.

Study these questions for Arts:

F.S. History and Sociology have 18 questions combined. Psychology has 21 items, Funeral Directing has 27 items. Business law has 18, Funeral Service Law has 24. Funeral Service Merchandising has 18 questions, Computers and Accounting has 24 items. There are a total of 20 pretest questions.

And also study these questions for Sciences:

Embalming has 42 questions, Restorative Art has 42. Microbiology has 15, Pathology has 24, Chemistry has 12, and Anatomy has 15 questions. Again, there are 20 pretest questions.

Again, if time permits, study two sections a day, and test yourself over at least 200 of the questions. If you do not have the time to study in this manner, you can also study all the sciences one day, and the arts the next day. This will be very tedious work, but very rewarding when your screen says "You Passed".


The National Board Exam is given by the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards in 49 states, except California. The National Board Exam requires a 75% on both the Science and Arts section, not combined to pass. You can schedule your test, purchase a Practice Exam, and see sample questions and more at the address below. Statistics on passing grades for prior years of the college you attend are also available. On test day, the administrator requires you to be there a half hour early. You may not wear jewelry, coats, jackets or sweaters. There is a locker provided for personal belongings. You will be fingerprinted and have your identification checked upon entrance and exit. If you fail one or both sections, you must pay and retake the portion failed at a later date. If you are to be late, you must call ahead, but your seat will not be saved. You will have to reschedule your test, and the fee is not refundable under any circumstances.