How to Respond to an Interview Email

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Technological advances allow employers and job seekers to communicate easily via the Internet. Cover letters and resumes are submitted online, and employers often contact job seekers using email. If you receive an email from an employer regarding an interview, your response should be clear, concise and professional.

Opening Response

Properly address the interviewer by opening the response email with “Dear” and the individual’s name. Show your enthusiasm about the company’s interest in your resume and skills. If you are not interested in interviewing with the company, send a formal email in response to the request to interview you and kindly decline the interview. Make sure your subject reflects the content of the email and your name, making it easy for the interviewer to find it in a crowded inbox.

Confirmation of Receipt

Give the employer dates and times of your availability for the interview. Be specific. Give dates and times during the company’s normal business hours to accommodate the interviewer’s schedule, according to Kimberly Miller, a recruiting consultant.

Closing the Email

Reaffirm your enthusiasm about the interview in your closing statement. Let the interviewer know you look forward to hearing from the organization. Close the email professionally, using a closing statement such as “Best Regards" or “Sincerely.” Include your name, phone number and email address to ensure the organization can contact you through other sources along with email. Be sure to check your grammar and spelling before you send.