How to Resign From a Volunteer Group

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Volunteering for an organization allows you to use your talents to help make the world a bit better. When it becomes too difficult to balance your volunteer duties along with family and work, you may decide to quit. The organization that you volunteer for counts on your work, so you need to give them the same type of respect and notification that you would give a regular employer. If possible, stay on until you can find someone to replace you.

Write a letter that details your plans to resign. This should include the date that you will stop your volunteer work and the reason why you want to resign. Be honest about this - if you need more time with your family, say that; if you have a personality conflict with another volunteer, say that, too.

Make an appointment with a manager at the organization. This should be the person who usually schedules or manages your volunteer work.

Explain to the manager that you are quitting.

Discuss any problems you have with the organization. If the reason that you're leaving has to deal with the organization rather than your personal situation, it's important to tell the manager about your difficulties.

Present her with the letter of resignation. This is a formality, but it needs to be done.


The manager may resist your attempt to resign, saying how much you are needed at the organization. Stay firm in your decision.