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How to Send Mail to Wasco State Prison

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Wasco State Prison is a state prison located in California. Wasco State Prison separates inmates in housing sectors and identifies them by a CDC number. Sending mail to an inmate in Wasco State requires you to include the inmate's housing sector and CDC number so that the mail will reach the intended inmate. The prison will provide you with all the information you need to mail your letter.

Call the Wasco State Prison public information officer number at 661-758-8400 and ask for the inmate’s CDC number and the P.O. Box housing number

Insert the letter into an envelope and seal it.

Write the inmate’s full name and CDC number on the front of the envelope. Write “Wasco State Prison” underneath, the P.O. Box housing number underneath the name of the prison, and “Wasco, CA 93280-5500” underneath the P.O. Box. The letter is now ready to be mailed.


Do not include any items in your letter, as they are strictly prohibited. All mail is opened prior to the inmate's receiving it, so all contraband will be removed; you can be charged if you send illegal items.


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