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How to Get a Taxi Permit

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If you like to work independently, meet new people and travel, operating a taxi cab may be a suitable job for you. Becoming a taxi driver is more complicated than simply getting into a car and giving people rides. You have to become officially licensed by your local taxi commission. This may entail taking a special driving course, passing a written examination and meeting other requirements, so be prepared to spend time and money getting approved before you can hit the road.

Contact your local taxi commission to determine the local requirements for getting a taxi license. For example, in New York City applicants must attend an approved taxi school to prepare for the taxi exam.

Fill out an application from your local taxi commission. This may include undergoing a physical examination and getting a doctor's signature.

Take a defensive-driving course, if necessary.

Submit your paperwork to the taxi commission. This may include proof of citizenship, an original social security card, your driver's license and proof of completion of a defensive-driving course.

Attend taxi school if your local commission requires it. For example, in New York City you may attend either a 24-hour or an 80-hour school to prepare for the Yellow Cab test.


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