How to Make the Case for a Promotion to the Director Level

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Step 1

Decide on the reasons for the director-level promotion, such as increased responsibility, more pay, a title change or the management role. Clear goals will be important deciding factors for the executive management team.

Step 2

Compare a director's responsibilities to your current skills set. If there are any gaps in knowledge or training, develop a plan on how you will acquire the needed skills. Enroll in relevant classes, shadow other employees, read books or learn the information online.

Step 3

Prepare a resume with your on-the-job accomplishments. Include empirical data, such as increased sales by a certain percentage or ways demonstrated to save the company a specific amount of money.

Step 4

Ask other colleagues for their support when you seek a new position. Colleagues from other departments with whom you have worked regularly will not likely be vying for the same position. Ask them to write letters of recommendation, which demonstrate how your contributions to the company have improved operations.

Step 5

Develop a plan for the objectives you want to achieve in the director role. Include information on your past experience and how it correlates to the director position.

Step 6

Combine all the information into one presentation, which you will propose to the executive management team in charge of making promotion decisions. Provide substantial information to support the claims that you propose.