I Let My Cosmetology License Expire: How to Get It Back

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Each state has its own laws about how long a cosmetology license is valid. The cosmology business is constantly changing to keep up with the latest trends when it comes to hair and makeup. For this reason, most states require that a cosmetologist renew his license every two years. When a cosmetology license has expired, the cosmetologist has to go before the cosmetology board to fulfill the requirements that are necessary to regain the license.

Visit your state's Board of Cosmetology website. Enter “Cosmetology state board,” followed by your state, in your chosen search engine. Each state has different requirements as well as different websites.

Read the search results that were generated and choose the option that ends in .us or .gov to locate the correct website. Government websites tend to have those domain endings. Locate the telephone number and address from the website for your state’s Board of Cosmetology.

Read the information that is given on the website and find the FAQ section. Look for questions pertaining to renewing your license according to your state’s requirements.

Follow the instructions given to renew your cosmetology license. Make sure to fill out all paperwork according to the instructions given. If no instruction is listed on the website for renewing your license, then call the number listed on the website to get the correct information. Ask the operator any questions you have to complete your license renewal to practice cosmetology again.

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