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How to Write a Letter Requesting a Pay Raise

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Earning a higher salary is a desire most employees have. While some look for jobs outside their organization that pay more, others seek out a pay raise from their current employer. Companies can be receptive to increasing an employee’s salary since it’s usually more beneficial to keep current staff in place rather than replace them. If you seek an increase in your salary, it’s important to learn how to write a letter requesting a pay raise.

State the purpose. Make it clear to the reader of the letter, most often your supervisor, what exactly you want. Detail the dollar amount or percentage increase you desire and when you want this to take place.

Outline why you deserve a raise. Point out major contributions or achievements you have brought to the organization. Include specific figures or statistics in the letter. Use this information to show why the company should invest more money in you as an employee.

Cite saving opportunities. Explain how the company can save money by paying you a higher wage. For example, you may be able to take on more responsibilities for a higher wage, which saves the company money by eliminating an extra position. Include non-personnel ways to save money as well to show your commitment to the company and helping it to save money.

Add follow-up information. At the end of the letter, state what follow-up method you plan to use to check on your pay increase request. Many employees find it beneficial to follow up with a one-on-one meeting with their supervisor. They use the letter as an introduction and discuss their request for a pay increase in person since it is usually harder to say no to a person than a written request.