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How to Clean Fire Gear & Gloves

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Properly cleaned fire gear, including gloves, helps ensure its insulation and protection is properly maintained. If fire gear accumulates excessive dirt or waste and is not properly cleaned, its ability to retard flames is reduced or even negated because additional material can catch on fire. As a result, regular cleaning of fire gear and the occasional advanced cleaning will help keep it in working order.

Examine all fire gear and gloves either after they have been used or before using them if they have gone unused for a prolonged period of time. Check for areas where excessive dust, soot or dirt has collected, or any other areas that are particularly dirty.

Scrub the entire gear and gloves using the brush, dipped in a solution of soap and water. Pay particular attention to any areas that are visibly dirty, but be sure to generally clean the entire equipment to ensure that it is all clean.

Wash the entire gear in the washing machine approximately once every six months. This will ensure the gear is completely clean, and will get rid of any built-up dirt that may have gone unnoticed. Run the gear and gloves on the gentle cycle and in cold water.

Hang the gear and gloves in a dry dark area to dry. Do not dry them in a dryer, as the heat could deform or warp the gear, rendering it ineffective.


Consider using a fan to speed up the drying process after the gear has been cleaned in a washing machine. Simply point it toward the gear.


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