How to Dry My Bunker Gear Quickly

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Bunker gear, also sometimes referred to as turnout gear, is the gear that people such as fire fighters or rescue personnel wear when fighting fires or cleaning up disaster locations. Many of these garments should not be placed in a dryer because their heat resistant coating cannot be dried. Also the dryer can cause shrinkage of these garments. But you can dry bunker gear quickly so that you'll be ready for the next call of duty.

Turn the bunker gear inside out. After the gear as been laundered turn all jackets, coats and pants inside out so that their lining is exposed.

Hang the gear on a clothes line. After setting up a low lying clothes line, hang the bunker gear on the clothes line using clothes pins that are meant to hold heavy garments.

Set up two fans so that they are blowing cross currently over the bunker gear.

Keep the room well ventilated. If the weather is being cooperative open all windows surrounding the bunker gear to quicken the drying process with additional airflow.


If the room where the clothes are drying is inherently damp, run a dehumidifier. Consider purchasing a drying rack made specifically for bunker gear for your fire or rescue department. There are several on the market including The Dehydrator and PPE Dryers.


If in doubt, air dry the turnout gear instead of machine drying it.