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What Is an Impulse Sealer?

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An impulse sealer is a tool used to seal all different types of packaging, from polyethylene and polypropylene bags to thermoplastic packages. They are sometimes also known as heat sealers.

How They Work

An impulse sealer works by sending a short burst of electricity through a wire, which turns the electrical energy into heat energy. That heat then flows into the sealer's jaw, which is pressed against the sides of the bag to melt them together. The packaging is then sealed permanently, until broken.

Manual Sealers

Impulse sealers can be divided into two categories: manual and automatic sealers. Manual sealers are operated by a human user, who must physically place a bag in the jaws of the sealer and push them closed, then remove the sealed bag. These are generally the size of a stapler and sit on a table or desktop for use.

Automatic Sealers

Conversely, automatic impulse sealers do not require a person to operate them. They are designed to continuously seal packages, and can be programmed to seal different materials that require different temperatures and sealing times. It is crucial that automatic impulse sealers be programmed correctly, because too short of a sealing time can result in a weak seal and too long can result in a burnt package.


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