How to Spray Buff a VCT Floor

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Vinyl composite tile (VCT) flooring is mostly found in supermarkets, schools and hospitals because it can be cleaned to a deep shine and lasts for many years. You can easily maintain the shine of a VCT floor by adding a spray buff procedure to your existing maintenance plan. Spray buff removes shoe scuffs, smooths minor scratches in the floor and restores the shine in one easy application.

Prepare the floor by sweeping or dust mopping to remove surface grit and dirt. Place caution signs to mark off the work area. If the floor is dirty with spills and other heavy soils, mop it with a neutral pH floor cleaner. Allow it to completely dry.

Set up the floor machine with a red or white buffing pad. Floor pads are graded like sand paper and color coded for their "grit" level. Most manufacturers denote their fine buffing pads as white; red is usually the next aggressive grit. Red should be used for floors that have many scuffs and scratches.

Mist a small area at a time, about 5-by-5 feet, with spray buff cleaner.

Work the machine over the sprayed section with an overlapping left to right motion. Continue buffing until the area is dry, free of scuff marks and has a restored shine.


Flip the pad over or replace it when it either continually becomes stuck to the floor or leaves dirty swirl marks in its path.


Spray buff is slippery when wet. Make certain the area is blocked off from unsuspecting workers.