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How to Locate Your ACO DCMA

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The United States Department of Defense provides support services for purchasing supplies for America's warfighters through its Defense Contract Management Agency. This agency sees that supplies are on time, meet performance expectations and are at the projected cost. Throughout the supplier contract, DCMA divisions work with all branches of the military, NASA, the Department of Homeland Security and the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the acquisition of products and services. Administrative Contracting Officers at the various DCMA divisions hand out the contracts after they are awarded.

Look at your contract/purchase order. Find the Administrative Contracting Officer associated with your award. This will indicate the DCMA office you need to contact. DCMA offices are located in three regions of the United States: western, central and eastern regional commands. Your DCMA will be within the particular region where you conduct main business operations.

Contact the main DCMA headquarters to find your ACO. Visit the DCMA website for department staff contact information. The DCMA headquarters address is Defense Contract Management Agency, Office of Congressional and Public Affairs, 3901 A Avenue, Bldg 10500, Fort Lee, VA 23801.

Inquire about your ACO at the Department of Defense, Executive Services and Communications Branch. You may also find additional information through the contact personnel who awarded you the supplier contract. If your questions or concerns involve special programs or international contracts, you will need to contact the DCMAS for the Special Programs division or the DCMAI for the International division.


You may be able to find your ACO DCMA by contacting the specific organization where your products and services will be supplied for the duration of your contract. Review all contract information for the ACO name, office and telephone number.


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