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What Is a Contracts Administrator?

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As businesses continue to use contracts to record the terms of their business transactions, contract administrators will serve an important role in ensuring that these contracts are efficiently carried out.


Contract administrators handle a variety of tasks to ensure successful contract completion, including negotiating with third parties, conducting performance assessments and evaluating budgets or bids. They also keep a record of contract deadlines, estimates and any extensions or changes made to the contract terms.


Contract administrators work in a variety of fields including construction, government, the military, and corporate, legal and manufacturing sectors.


Most employers require contract administrators to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, legal studies or a related field. Contract managers may also take advanced procurement, acquisitions or government contract management courses.


The National Contract Management Association and the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management both offer professional certifications at various levels to candidates who have met their education, training, assessment and experience requirements.


As of 2014, job website Indeed reported that the average salary for contracts administrators was $62,000.


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