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Job Description of a Contract Auditor

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Individuals interested in accounting may consider applying to be a contract auditor Auditing jobs require professionals to examine financial records and correct them if they are inaccurate.

Education and Experience

To be a competitive applicant for this position, an individual should have a bachelor's degree (or higher) in a related fields such as accounting, auditing, finance, public administration or business administration. Some employers will hire people without a bachelor's degree in these fields if they have sufficient previous experience in auditing/accounting and some professional training in the field.

Skills and Requirements

Most employers require contract auditors to be U.S. citizens who can pass a background check. Additionally, individuals applying for these positions should demonstrate the ability to self-motivate. Contract auditors need to follow directions. They need to have strong interpersonal skills and demonstrate strong reasoning ability. Furthermore, they need to have strong writing ability and show a firm basic understanding of auditing and accounting. They need o summarize information concisely, pay strict attention to detail, and work well either independently or as part of a team. Some employers drug test.

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Typical duties for this position include systematic appraisal of financial records, management controls, policies, practices and reports. They must investigate claims, analyze contracts and validate financial documents. Contract auditors must support and mentor and make recommendations on how to improve quality and customer satisfaction. These individuals must communicate with both clients and management on audit findings.

Work Environment

Much of the work of contract auditors is independent. Many contract auditors travel frequently depending upon their employer. Analyzing financial documents can become repetitive.


The federal government employees many contract auditors. Additionally contract auditors are hired by auditing companies or businesses in retail, health care, or commercial industries.


According to a 2009 survey from glassdoor.com, the average annual salary for contract auditors ranged from $44,000 to $64,000 per year. Reported salaries, however ranged from $29,000 to $132,000 per year. Salaries for this position can vary significantly based on employer, years of experience and geographic location

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