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How to Become a Motivational Speaker & Get Paid

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To become a motivational speaker and get paid, you must have a strong desire to inspire people. Passion is an essential quality that motivational speakers must have. Your level of excitement comes across in your speech delivery and this natural enthusiasm is what motivates your listeners. If you are passionate about your topic, you will be able to get and keep the attention of your audience. Not all speakers have this ability, but those who do can make a great income as a motivational speaker.

Polish your speaking skills. Join an organization, such as Toastmasters, take public speaking courses and read books written by successful motivational speakers. Have a friend make video recordings of your speeches and analyze your performance. Always strive to improve as a speaker and motivator. Position yourself as an expert speaker, and you will be on the path to making a great living as one.

Give free motivational speeches. Until you are well known, you will have to speak at many engagements for free. This is a great opportunity to market your skills and increase your exposure. Find organizations that need speakers and offer to speak at no charge. Volunteer to speak at charity, community and youth events. You can also offer your services in exchange for a written referral.

Become a writer in your niche. Write a book that is inspiring and motivational. Offer it in e-book format at your website, or self-publish it and sell it at your speaking engagements. Many find authors to be more credible and authors generally attract larger audiences. Always carry copies of your book around with you to give away at the appropriate times.

Set your price. As your popularity increases, you will need to increase your pay. Be realistic when deciding what to charge. Consider your experience as a speaker, your educational background, the number of books that you have published and your level of popularity. Factor in your travel time and hotel expenses if applicable.


Never stop polishing your speaking skills. Always work at developing ways to keep your audience engaged and excited about the information you are presenting.