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How to Become a Christian Motivational Speaker

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Some people feel called by God to move into speaking and offer biblical knowledge while also helping listeners feel more encouraged and empowered about their lives. One way to fulfill that call is to become a full-time motivational speaker. Doing so takes time and patience, and it may require partnerships with other ministries.

Prepare With Education and Training

Although not a requirement, having a good education can provide a strong background. For example, you might consider studying for a degree in biblical studies or theology in order to give yourself a strong Bible-based background for your talks. Christian speaker Josh McDowell, for example, has a Master of Divinity degree. If that path feels too long, consider attending a Christian conference that focuses on training Christian communicators. You can also look for Christian motivational speakers who offer seminars and training downloads so you can learn on your own time.

Build an Online Audience

As a Christian motivational speaker, you should be spreading encouragement and biblical lessons every week -- maybe even every day -- through social media to build an audience online. This might include posting to a blog and using a variety of social networking accounts. Working this way will help you develop an online audience while you also look for speaking engagements by calling local churches and local ministries.

Use Your Audience to Spread the Word

Don't be shy about asking your online audience to spread the word about your ministry and speaking engagement opportunities. You can do this by creating a pre-written Tweet mentioning your desire to speak at local ministries and then send your audience a message asking them to retweet it. You can also ask your audience to post announcements in other locations, like Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest. If one of your connections has a tie with a local Christian radio station or ministry, ask him for an introduction. If you've provided quality biblical encouragement and advice, your audience will be happy to spread the word.

Partner with Other Ministries and Agencies

You can't build a motivational speaking ministry without the help of other Christian professionals. Look for other ministries with which to partner. Look for a ministry that focuses on the same niche you're in. For example, if you're primarily speaking to teenage girls, look for ministries with the same focus. Partner with them, offering to promote their services and asking them to help you find speaking engagements. You can also sign up with a Christian speakers agency or directory, such as Outreach Speakers, and advertise your services there.


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