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How to Write a Christian Resume

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Some jobs allow applicants to combine personal faith and professionalism. When appying for a job that encourages this, compose a Christian resume that discusses your Christian attitudes and ethics, as well as enumerates your career, educational and social accomplishments. Most importantly, after earning a job based on a career that reflects Christian values, comport yourself in a Christian manner at work.

Write an objective that includes your work ethic and morals. For example: Objective- To find a job that utilizes my well-developed marketing skills, as well as my love of working hard and helping others. You can include a bible verse that reflects your sentiments, for example, Colossians 3:23- "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men...."

List your educational history, starting with the most recent first. List the years you attended school, and indicate whether or not you received a degree. List your GPA as well, but only if it was above a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

List your previous employment experiences in reverse order, with your most recent (or current) job first. List the months and years that you held these positions, and list your duties and notable accomplishments during your tenure. If the jobs held any particular ethical or moral or spiritual challenges, indicate that you triumphed over these difficulties; for example, note that you "politely dealt with difficult customers" or "mentored emotionally troubled youth."

List any current or previous memberships in clubs or organizations that helped the community or have a specific spiritual significance. This includes but is not limited to the Boys and Girls Club, bible study, school or church chorus, Big Brothers/Sisters, educational or professional mentoring and coaching youth or adult sports groups.

Indicate at the bottom of your resume that your "references are available upon request." Make sure your references are from sources that can speak to your Christian virtue, meaning your love for helping others, your dedication, tireless work ethic and actions and attitudes based on biblical principles.

Draft a cover letter. Cover letters are an important addition to any resume, because they allow you to individualize your strengths and attributes according to the company and position you are applying for. Do a bit of research on the company you are applying to before you type the cover letter; include how your education, work experience and life experience can support the company's ethics and values. Include how your Christian faith has contributed to your work ethic and professional aspirations.


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