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How to Say You Work Good With Kids for a Job Interview

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Applying for a job where you would work closely with children may be a great option for you if you enjoy spending time with kids. Communicating how good you work with kids to the employer during an interview may be tricky. Anyone can come into an interview and say that they enjoy working with children. The trick is to not only be able to say that you work well with children but be able to prove it with tangible experience.

Work Experience

One of the main ways to express how well you work with kids is through your previous work experience. Let your resume and the way that you speak about your experience work in your favor. The employer needs to know not only that you can work with kids but why you enjoy working with them. Work experiences that involve teaching, caring for and coaching children communicates to the employer that you enjoy working with kids. Make sure to highlight any positive anecdotes that you may have from your past experiences.

Community Outreach

In the event that you don't have any professional experience working with kids, consider your community outreach work. Talk to the interviewer about volunteer work with schools, parent-teacher organizations, the local Boys and Girls Club, or with the children's ministry at your church. Being able to talk to the interviewer about your real world experiences helps the employer better understand how well you interact with children. Whether you include it on your resume or not, when the employer asks about your experience with kids, having completed community outreach or volunteer work shows that working with children is very important to you.

Personal Qualities

There are different aspects of your personality that lend themselves to working well with children. During your interview it is important that you are able to accurately highlight those personal qualities. Mention personality traits such as patience, kindness and a sense of humor. Follow this up with a personal story that illustrates these qualities and demonstrates how they help you to interact with children. Don't be afraid to draw from your personal life. If there is a reason from your childhood or family that lends itself to why you work well with kids, share it with the interviewer. Just make sure to keep the overall tone of the conversation positive.

Your Education

Your education can give you an opening to tell the employer how well you work with kids. When applying for a position that requires you to spend a lot of time with kids, it's helpful if you majored in a related area, such as early childhood education. Even if your degree isn't in a related field, taking classes that are related demonstrates your ability to work good with kids. You can also take independent classes, such as CPR certification, that help to make you more of an asset when working with kids.


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