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How to Apply for an Adult Foster Care License

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Adult foster care is a service offered for adults who--because of emotional, physical or developmental illnesses--cannot live on their own. Such adults often require 24 hour care, but not the services of a nursing home. Adult foster care providers must hold a license in order to facilitate an adult foster care in their residences. The application process differs among the states.

Obtain proper information for licensing in your state. For your state the department that administers the adult foster care license might be the licensing office within the department of health, the department of human services, the veterans administration or the department of social services. (These departments are commonly the ones that offer the license to prospective adult foster care providers). You can obtain this information from either department’s website, by calling either department or by going to the department and inquiring.

Read the license requirements, which also differ by state. For example, in South Dakota and Utah, there is no fee required for applying for the license, but Michigan requires a fee when applying for either a temporary or subsequent adult foster care license. The state department administering the license will provide you with this information, along with all the forms needed to apply.

Obtain the application for the license for an adult foster care home. There may be more than one application for adult foster care home, depending on whether you would provide the adult foster care from your family home or a group home, whether you want a temporary license or not, etc. Make sure to get the appropriate license for the type of adult foster care you wish to provide.

Fill out the application and return it with any necessary documentation or fees to the appropriate licensing department. You need to provide basic information about yourself (i.e. legal full name, date of birth, complete address), how many adults you can provide service for (the maximum amounts vary by state) and any information about the facility you will be using to provide the adult foster care home (i.e. family home, congregate facility). Read the application in full before returning it to ensure that when you return it that you have all necessary additional documentation (i.e. proof of ownership of the residence or the care facility) or fee payments.