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How to Make $4,000 per Month Writing at Home

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Making $4,000 a month writing at home is a dream come true for many freelance writers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 10.3 million people consider themselves independent contractors as of 2009. Freelancers find it difficult to make the same amount of money as they would in a traditional job. Earning $4,000 per month is a hefty goal for a freelance writer, but it is attainable. Through hard work and planning, writing at home can be a well-paying occupation.

Approach neighborhood businesses, especially if you are just getting started. Local companies need help in writing newspaper ads, marketing brochures, web content and internal documents. By approaching business owners in person, you can instantly build a connection with them and they can get to know you in a more friendly manner. Charge reasonably and deliver excellent work to build a client base quickly.

Set up a website. Ideally this would be done before approaching businesses, but if you're just starting, finances might not allow for this expense. However, once payments for projects come in, invest in a website. A simple website can be set up through a variety of companies online, including companies listed in the resources section of this article.

Visit online job boards. Applying for writing jobs online will help you reach your goal to make $4,000 per month writing at home. Take time every week to look at a variety of job boards to find freelance writing work to add to your portfolio.

Apply to write for content websites. There are a number of reputable websites that offer writers the opportunity to write and earn money for their articles. See the resources section and job boards for websites that offer content-writing freelance positions. Some offer a flat fee payment for each article you submit, while others offer a percentage of the advertising revenue from your article. Before submitting your work to any website, check their payment schedule and policy.

Manage your time. To make $4,000 per month writing at home, managing your time should be an essential part of your daily life. Freelance writing requires an intense level of time management and the ability to focus. Schedule out each writing day with specific time for work and breaks. Stick with your daily schedule by setting up small monetary goals to meet each day. If your goal is to make $4,000 per month writing at home, you will need to make approximately $133 per day. Figure out how many stories or pages of content you need to write daily to meet your goal.


Continue to find new assignments every week. Even when you feel like you are too busy to work, it is important to line up projects for when work slows down.

Schedule at least one day off per week to help avoid burn out.

Work at the same time every day.

Keep a log of the amount made each week to help you stay on target for your monthly goal.


Take into account the lag in receiving payment from your clients.

Learning how to make $4,000 per month writing at home takes time and will not happen right away.