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How to Become a Dell Computer Tester

Step 1

Navigate to the Dell Beta Tester Community sign-up page (see Resources). Here you can fill out an application to become a beta tester for a variety of Dell products, including computers.

Enter the antibot verification code as well as your email address. Click "Submit." Dell will send a message to your address with a link you must click on to continue. This verifies you are a real person and not an automated bot. View the message and click the link to continue.

Step 2

Create an account on the website. Provide your full name, time zone and location. Enter a password for your account. Click "Next" to continue.

Step 3

Fill out the About Me section. Dell uses this information to target certain demographics for its computer testers. Select the type of computers you are interested in testing under "Testing Interests." Choices include "Netbook," "Laptop," "Desktop," "All-in-One Desktop" and "Tablet."

Step 4

Click "Submit" to continue. Read the Beta Test Participation and License Agreement. Enter your username and password at the bottom of the page to sign the agreement digitally. This confirms that you have read the terms and agree to them. Click "I Agree."

Step 5

Enter your shipping address and telephone number. Click "Submit." Fill out the Personal Computer form for each computer you own. This page asks for detailed information about the computers you own, such as the processor speed and system memory.

Click "Submit" to finish the application process. The beta tester control panel will load.

Step 6

Click "Opportunities" under the "Dell" tab on the right side of the control panel to view available testing opportunities. Dell updates this page as new products become available for testing, so be sure to check back frequently.


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