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How to Get a Security Badge

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Many jobs today require an ID security badge to enter the premises. Once hired by a company, the employee is often required to submit or have their photo taken. The company places the photo on a badge and requires the employees to show it to security when they walk in each morning. In addition, some employers have added security by placing an electronic chip inside which is scanned at a portal. Once the chip is read by the electronic portal, the door(s) will be unlocked and allow the employee to enter.

Contact the human resources department at your employer's office. Discuss what you will need to provide to obtain your security badge/ID on your first day of work. In most cases, this will be a picture ID with your birth date - such as a driver's license or passport. Depending on the company and your position, you may be required to submit additional documentation to obtain security clearances to certain parts of the building.

Contact the security office at your employer's office on your first day of work. Let them know you are a new employee and you need to obtain a security badge.

Fill out any required forms from the security office and have your photo taken for your badge (if required). In addition, provide them with all the required documentation for your security clearance level.

Wait for security to issue your badge. They may provide you with a temporary one while processing your request and until they properly print and issue the ID. In some cases, this temporary badge will not give you full access to the office building.

Pick up your new security badge and begin using it immediately. You will need to return the old temporary badge.