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How to Get TSA Certified

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The Transportation Security Administration is responsible for transportation security on all levels in the United States. The TSA employs various strategies to ensure transportation safety through technologies, people and use of intelligence. Businesses looking to become TSA certified must complete the Certified Cargo Screening Program. The CCSP certifies facilities that screen cargo prior to putting it on passenger airlines. It allows businesses to avoid airport jams by screening cargo where it is packaged.

Conduct a security threat assessment on all employees, according to the CCSP regulatory documents. Specialized training is required for all individuals who will handle cargo, conduct screening or have access to designated security areas.

Screen your cargo facility. Formulate procedures to prevent unauthorized access to facilities where cargo is stored, prepared or screened. Place physical barriers at cargo storage, handling and screening areas. Before certifying your company, TSA will visit your facility to ensure that it is secured and abides by federal regulations and guidelines.

Establish chain of custody standards for screened cargo. For example, include shipment documentation, cargo shipping method and authentication of all cargo. If disputes arise then the TSA will need to verify the shipment of the cargo in question. You must keep shipping information in a secured location. This applies to cargo moving to or from your facility.

Apply to become a Certified Cargo Screener via the email listed on the Transportation Security Administration's website. A TSA representative will contact you and supply you with additional information.


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