How to Start an Electrolysis Business

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Electrolysis is the method of permanent hair removal. According to the American Electrology Association, permanent hair removal first occurred in 1875. Today, electrologists utilize three methods of electrolysis to destroy hair growth cells: chemical reaction, heat energy or a blend of both. The U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job opportunities for licensed personal appearance workers are expected to grow 20 percent nationwide through the year 2018. Electrologists establish a private practice or work in allied health and cosmetology settings.

Complete an electrology training program and take the International Board of Electrologists Certification (IBEC) examination.

Create a business plan. The U.S. Small Business Administration suggests these categories: description of the business, marketing, finances and management. Assemble a professional advisory team (mentor, accountant, attorney, banker) to assist you.

Select a location. Secure necessary business licenses, permits, financing and office equipment. Implement the marketing and management portions of your business plan.

Grow your electrolysis business through community involvement. Maintain your IBEC certification.


Contact electrologists in a nearby community for informational interviews. Stay current in your field. Enroll in continuing education courses.