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How to Become an Electrolysis Technician

Continue your Education. The first step towards becoming an electrolysis technician is to undergo schooling for electrolysis. There are several accredited electrologist schools around the country, these schools offer electrolysis courses that range anywhere from 200 to 600 hours and cover a range of topics specific towards Electrology. The amount of hours you will need depends on your specific state regulations.

Research state regulations. Each state throughout the country has its own regulations concerning the amount of hours needed for electrolysis course completion.

More than half of US states regulate electrolysis services. While some don’t, it is not a good idea to become an electrologist without proper schooling.

Research your state's regulations to learn how many course hours you will need to become a certified electrologist. If your state is not regulated, it is suggested that you complete the minimum 200 course hours before becoming an electrologist.

Become a Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE). Once you have completed your continued education, the next step is to take the CPE exam to become a Certified Professional Electrologist. The exam is given by the American Electrology Association.

While becoming a CPE is not mandatory, the American Electrology Association views this voluntary credential as going above and beyond stated electrologist requirements. Being a CPE will demonstrate your true professionalism and dedication to the service.

Individuals can register once a year for the CPE exam; the exam is given each year prior to the AEA’s annual convention. To register for the test, contact the American Electrology Association.

Contact the American Electrology Association. Download the CPE test bulletin, registration form and requirement information on the AEA’s website, which can be found in the Resources section below. This information will guide you through the process of becoming a CPE.

Find a job. Once you have completed your course hours and have become a CPE, the last step to becoming an electrolysis technician is finding a job.

Electrolysis is performed in many different settings including:

  • doctor’s offices
  • day spas
  • salons
  • medical spas
  • dermatologists 
  • and more. 

There are many employment opportunities for this service because individuals can either apply at an existing electrolysis practice or you can offer your services as an add-on to any existing aesthetic or medical practice.


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