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How to Get a Job at Halliburton

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Halliburton is one of the largest companies in the energy industry. With more than 50,000 employees worldwide, it is a primary player in the oil and gas arena. To get a job with Halliburton, you should begin by applying online at the company's website. Once your application is received and evaluated, you will be contacted by a human resources representative for an interview if you meet the qualifications of the position they are filling.

Go to, select the “careers” tab, and click on “job openings.” A separate window will open that will allow you to search for current positions.

Select your geographic area of interest, which you may narrow down to a particular city and state if you wish. On the same you page, choose your interest group from a list including entry-level, mid-career, executive, senior executive, internships and recent graduates. Select the career field and click “start search.”

Review the available jobs from the list generated. Click on any jobs of interest to evaluate the job description and the requirements for the position. Determine what position to apply for, highlight it, and click “apply.”

Upload your resume, if you have it in a Word or text format. The website will extract the necessary information from your resume if this is done. If not, manually input your personal information.

Input your education and employment history. Provide all institutions you attended, from your high school to technical schools and universities. Provide the dates of attendance and the degrees or diplomas earned. Input your past employers, job titles, dates of employment, and other applicable information.

Fill out a questionnaire. This begins with your ethnic and gender information and also includes your criminal and driving record.

Click “submit application.” Review your application information for accuracy and verify that it is ready for submission. Click “submit." A page will load that confirms your application was submitted successfully. Once your application is received by Halliburton, it is reviewed. If your qualifications meet the job requirements and they wish to speak to you further, you will be contacted for an interview.

Attend an interview to learn more about the position and explain your qualifications. At this point, Halliburton will determine if they want to offer you a position.


Apply to multiple positions to increase your chances of securing an interview.

  • Apply to multiple positions to increase your chances of securing an interview.

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