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How to Become Ordained in Kansas

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Most couples want to be married by someone they know. As society becomes more secular, couples are turning to friends to officiate their wedding ceremonies. For many such friends, attending seminary and enduring the stresses of conventional ordainment is not a reasonable plan. Luckily, there is a painless solution for becoming qualified to perform weddings. The laws regarding wedding officiation vary according to region.

Kansas is known as a religiously conservative state, but the state’s statutes on wedding officiation are relatively liberal. One need not attend seminary and be ordained in a major church to perform weddings in Kansas.

Check Your Local Laws

Ask the couple what county they will be married in. You need to know the county where the ceremony will be, not the county where the couple lives. If you wish to start a business doing weddings or performing other ministerial services, determine which counties you will do your work in.

Get the contact information for the county or counties. The Universal Life Church (ULC) Monastery Web site provides a list of contact information for Kansas’ counties. There may also be a central building in the county seat where you can find the appropriate office in-person.

Inquire about the county’s laws regarding wedding officiants. You may be required to get a license or possibly do some other paperwork.

Get Ordained

Choose a church in which to be ordained. There are several legally recognized churches that will perform ordainment via the Internet, mail or phone. The ULC will ordain people at no cost, although they charge for other support services.

Follow the church’s instructions to become ordained. This can usually be done via an Internet form. Make sure you provide accurate, legal identifying information. This ordainment process is easy but it is also a legal process. If you are marrying people, you need to make sure your ordainment is legitimate or the legality of the marriage could be threatened.

Acquire all the supporting documentation you need from the ordaining organization. Some counties require official documents from your church. Usually such documentation will cost extra.