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How to Be a Cosmetologist State Inspector

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Cosmetologists are not just hair stylists. As a certified cosmetologist, you have the opportunity to partake different roles with this profession. Some hair stylists works as instructors; while others work in a salon and eventually become business owners. As a state inspector, your role would be to ensure that cosmetologists stay current with their licensing. They also verify that salons and schools of cosmetology stay in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern this industry.

Obtain your cosmetology license. To become licensed in most states, you are required to have 1,500 hours in approved cosmetology courses. These hours could vary per state. You will also be required to take a state board examination following completion of the curriculum. According to Beauty School Directory, “Upon completion of your beauty school program, most states require you to take a state board examination in order to obtain your working cosmetology license.”

Practice as a cosmetologist and as an instructor may be required depending on the level of the state inspector position. Most state inspector jobs start at level one, and the requirements for being an inspector at this level can vary per state. Most lower-level state inspector positions require 24 months of experience as a cosmetologist. Depending on your level of experience in the hair industry, you could possibly start at a higher level. Your salary can differ per level.

Research state laws and regulations that state inspectors need to be familiar with. Laws and regulations can vary by state. Go to the state board website of the state you plan to work in. There should be a PDF file that will allow you to download the relevant laws for your state.

Apply for a state inspector position through job search websites. Some state board positions are posted on these websites. You can also go to the website of the state board of cosmetology or civil service of the state you are interested in applying for to see if vacancies are available for this position. Check the websites often, especially if you are aware of a possible vacancy coming open.

Keep yourself up to date with the hair industry. Pull out books or other information you have obtained while preparing for your license. Make sure you stay current with the latest changes in this business. This will help you to be prepared for the interview and help you to fulfill your new role as a state cosmetology inspector. One good way to stay current with this industry is by taking continuing education courses. Some of these courses can be offered online. You may want to attend seminars or hair shows that will give you the latest developments for hairstylists.


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