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How to Update a VA Disability Rating for a Worse Condition

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The Veteran's Administration (VA) provides a disability rating for each injured veteran, which establishes the benefits he is able to receive. If his condition worsens, this rating is changeable at any time. If you or your medical provider feels the worsening might warrant an upgrade to the level of your VA disability rating, the VA works directly with you to evaluate the situation. The VA helps you answer your questions and to fill out and file all the necessary paperwork to increase your disability rating.

Print a copy of VA Form 21-4138-Statement In Support of Claim or you call 800-827-1000 to speak to a VA customer service representative and request the form be mailed to you. The VA Form 21-4138 is the official VA form you need to fill out to request an increase in a VA disability rating (see Resources).

Complete the VA Form 21-4138 and sign it in accordance with the directions provided on the form.

Gather any medical records or information that could be relevant to the help the VA make a decision on updating your VA Disability rating. Make copies of the information so it can be included with the VA Form 21-4138.

Mail the VA Form 21-4138 and any copies of relevant medical information to a local VA Regional Office or you may deliver the form in person. To find the local office. Click on the state in which you live and the location of the local VA Regional Office is displayed. Click on the name of the VA Regional Office to view the local mailing address.