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How to Transfer a Business Phone Number

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Your business's phone number is how customers, both existing and new, will contact you. You do not want to change it for any reason because it can be difficult to contact all of your customers to have them update your phone number. The Federal Communication Commission has "local number portability" rules that allow you to take your phone number with you when you change addresses or phone providers, as long as you are in the same area.

How to Transfer a Business Phone Number to a New Company

Call a new business telephone service provider. Do not cancel your telephone service prior to calling the new company or your will lose your phone number.

Give the new company your current phone number, ZIP code, and account number with your current business telephone service provider. The new telephone company will contact the old company to transfer the business phone number to the new service.

Enter a service contract with the new telephone company. You must enter a service contract with the new company to continue placing and receiving phone calls using your business phone number. Also schedule a time for a representative of the phone company to come to your new address and hook up your phone line.

Pay outstanding balance due to the old telephone service provider. You will receive your last bill from your previous company; you must pay this bill for all past services and any penalties or fees due for ending your contract early, if applicable.

How to Transfer a Business Phone Number to a New Address

Call your business telephone company. Locate the customer service telephone number on one of your telephone bills. Provide your name, address and account number.

Tell the customer service representative that you are moving. Provide the date that you will be moving and the new address, and tell them that you want to keep your business phone number.

Schedule a time for the telephone company to hook up your service at the new address. You must have someone from the telephone company hook up your telephone line so that your number transfers to the new address.


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