How to Write a Resume for a Patent Pending Invention to Manufacturers

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If you have an original invention, you’ll need to apply for a patent to acquire legal ownership of the idea. Once you apply, you need to get approval for your patent, which can take a while. In the meantime, you can contact manufacturers who may be able to produce your invention once your patent is approved. When applying to a manufacturer in the hopes that they will produce your invention, you can include information about your pending patent on a resume, as well as your experience and education.

Include your name and contact information at the top of your resume as you would any other resume type. Your name should be first, followed by your physical address, phone number and email address. This ensures that the manufacturers you contact can easily get back in touch with you if they want to produce your invention.

Create a section labeled “Patent Pending.” This is the most important section of the resume because it gives the manufacturer details about your invention.

Describe your invention in detail in the “Patent Pending” section. This description should be three to five lines long, depending on the complexity of your invention. At the end of the description, type “Patent application in progress.”

Add additional sections to your resume when applicable. If you have had approved patents in the past, you can add a section for “Approved Patents.” Include similar information as you did for your pending patent, as well as the date the patent was approved. If you’ve had work experience or education that’s relevant to your invention, such as working in the same industry as your invention or having a degree in engineering, include these sections in your resume, too.