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How to Make Money Giving Away Free Cellphones

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Anyone can make money giving away free cell phones so long as they sign up as an affiliate with a cell phone company. Giving away a product in order to sell a consumable product is not new. The Gillette razor company got its start giving away razors, knowing that people would have to buy their razor blades. Today many companies almost give away computer printers in order to sell the print cartridges at a fantastic profit. It's the same with cell phones. Companies are willing to give away their phones knowing that you will need to pay for airtime each month.

Research and find one or more affiliate programs you can join, which pay you for giving away free cell phones. An affiliate program is a program which pays you money each time someone you send to them makes a purchase. In this case, every time someone signs up to pay for airtime for a phone you have given away. The amount of your commission varies from company to company, so compare before signing up. Signing up for most affiliate programs is free.

Make note of your affiliate identification number. This number must be used each time anyone you have given a free phone to signs up for phone service.

Many affiliate programs give you a free website which is used to make the actual sale of airtime. If a customer orders from your provided website, your affiliate number is automatically sent to the company and you are automatically paid. Make a note of the URL of any free websites you have been given by the cell phone company.

Make your own website if one is not provided for you or hire someone to make a professional-looking website. Make certain that your affiliate number is automatically linked to the button that a customer uses to sign up for air time.

Advertise your site. This can mean writing articles about free cell phones and providing them to article directories with your website's address in the article or in the resource box at the end of the article, or it could mean posting on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and other social networking sites the fact that you have free cell phones.

Monitor your payments. If you sign up as an affiliate with more than one company, keep track of which company's free cell phones are making you the most money and concentrate most of your advertising efforts on the most profitable companies.


If you are under 18 years of age, you may need a parent or guardian to sign up for the affiliate program on your behalf.

Be prepared to get the word out. Merely putting up a website saying that you have free phones will not entice people to find or look at your site.