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How to Become a Work-at-Home Online Distributor

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Many companies struggle with budgeting and managing their advertising and marketing strategies. Your business is only as good as the people it reaches. Now that we have the Internet, getting the word out about our products and services has never been faster or easier. Becoming an online distributor is a win-win situation for both you and partnering company. The company provides the service or product, you advertise it any way you want, and then you get a percentage of the sale. This can be a lucrative way to make money working from home, as long as you are willing to do the work.

Sign up as an affiliate with any online company you have interest in. Look for a company that pays a percentage for each sale. You can check out the link in references to start making money right away if you do not already have a company in mind. Once you start making money, reinvest in the company and buy its wholesale products out right. Mark up products to make more money per sale. Review all the details of each affiliate program, as explained on its website.

Sign up for a separate email account to link with your business. This will make it easier to keep tabs on each sale.

Market the products a number of ways. Start with posting your affiliate product links in free ad spaces on the web. You can find a number of websites that allow you to post articles on their sites. Post your affiliate link everywhere you can. You can even put it in emails and on your favorite social networking sites. Chat in forums and look for relevant topics relating to your items. Find people in need of your products, then simply help them get the products.

Focus on a few key products you feel are interesting to you and your potential buyer. Write some &quot;lenses&quot; (overview webpages) on &quot;Squidoo&quot; or post a blog. Be sure to always include your link so you will get paid. Get creative with your marketing. The more people you can find that would buy your products, the better your chances are of making money.

Use key words when writing about the items you are promoting. If your articles and blogs contain specific key words relating to the items you distribute, your chance of a sale will be more probable.

Once you have made some money, reinvest in a proprietary wholesale distributorship. This was briefly mentioned in Step 1. You will buy products in bulk so you can mark them up and sell them at a higher profit margin. The percentage will be determined by supply and demand for that item, so it will vary. Use your spreadsheet program to keep up with the best price for each item. You will need to experiment a bit to figure out the perfect formula.

Use eBay or build a niche website to promote your products and get more sales. Stick with whatever works best out of all these suggested methods. Try any or all of them; it&#039;s up to you how you conduct your distributor business.


Use a planner to map out your day. Plan each task you will do that day, and allot a time frame in which to get it done. Write down all your planned activities before going online so you won&#039;t lose track of time. If you do not finish a task, move on to the next one.

Running a business from home takes determination, patience, discipline and smart work habits. Don&#039;t give up; just keep looking for people who need your product. Strongly promote it so they want it as well.


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