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How to Get a U.N. Passport?

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A United Nations Laissez-Passer (UNLP), also known as a UN passport, is a travel document that accredits the identity and the affiliation of the individual bearer to one of the UNLP-issuing United Nations organizations: United Nations, World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund, World Health Organization, International Fund for Agricultural Development, International Telecommunication Union, World Intellectual Property Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, UNESCO, International Labour Organization, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, International Civil Aviation Organization, International Maritime Organization, World Meteorological Organization, Universal Postal Union, and the World Tourism Organization. The UNLP is used much like a normal passport would, except that it is designed to be used on official UN business and missions only.

Becoming a UN Employee

Step 1:

Go to the United Nations jobs site and identify the job that you are most qualified for and that most interests you. You can search for jobs according to your field of specialty or even by specific UN field mission. Otherwise go to the “Employment” or “Vacancies” pages on the websites of the specialized agencies listed above and identify the most suitable job opportunities for you there.

Step 2:

Apply for the job in the manner specified in the job announcement. If applying for a UN job as opposed to one of the specialized agencies you can apply through a “My UN” account you can create on the UN Human Resources e-Staffing System website.

Step 3:

Young professionals who are less than 32-years-old, who have earned a university degree, may also take or apply to take competitive examinations that are administered on a national level for the purposes of UN employment.

Issuance of the U.N. Passport

Step 1:

Confirm your need for a UN passport if you anticipate needing to travel on official UN business or representing a UN organization to other international organizations. A UN certificate may serve in place of a UN passport if you as an employee have to travel on official business before the passport is issued.

Step 2:

Apply for your UN passport at a United Nations Office in one of three locations: Geneva, Switzerland; New York, USA; or Vienna, Austria, according to the most current application and security procedures issued by those offices.

Step 3:

Ensure that your UN passport has been issued to you correctly and keep it safe. A UN passport is used like a national passport, but you may also be required to have your regular national passport on hand depending on where you wish to gain entry.



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